Technopol EPS Polystyrene

The requirement for rapid building, rising energy costs and greater awareness of global warming and energy conservation have changed all aspects of building design. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) has become a widely used product in modern day construction.
EPS is an inert material that does not rot and provides no nutritional benefits to vermin,therefore does not attract pests such as rats or beetles. Its strength, durability and lightweight nature makes it a versatile and popular building product.

Applications includeinsulated panel systems for walls, roofs and floors as well as facades for both domesticand commercial buildings. It is also used as a void-forming fill material in civilengineering projects, as a lightweight fill in road and railway construction, and as floatation material in the construction of pontoons and marinas.

Technopol EPS Polystyrene

Advantages of using EPS:

EPS consists of 98% air and has long been used as a thermal agent. The insulating ability of EPS makes it an ideal material for energy efficient building products.

  • Light weight, easy to transport and install.
  • Moisture resistant, increasing water penetration resistance.
  • Sound absorbency: Since it is resistant to vibration, which helps to increase sound insulation..
  • Safe to use. EPS is non-toxic, does not contain CFCs and does not decompose into harmful substances.
  • Easy to use; is easily painted using PVA applied by brush or spray. Bonds easily to other materials.
  • Recyclability: EPS is 100% recyclable
  • Extremely cost effective.
  • EPS can be moulded, shaped and cut into virtually any shape or pattern.
  • EPS is modular and easy to extend.
  • Fire retardant. All EPS used in Technopol’s products are fire retardant and will not propagate or contribute to the spread of fire.
  • Durability. EPS does not rot or degrade over time, remains dimensionally stable, will remain fully functional for the life of any building
Technopol EPS Polystyrene