Common 3D CAD file extensions that we can read are the following:

• .IGS or .IGES, .STP or STEP, .STL, .OBJ.

Common 2D CAD file extensions include the following:

• .DWG, .DXF and .PDF.

3D Carvings

“Our only limitation is your imagination.”


Technopol’s FROGMill™ CNC heavy duty 4th Axis milling router offers the capabilities for creating full 3D polystyrene carvings in the following sizes: • Lathe carvings on the rotary axis up to 46″ diameter and 99.5″ length in a single piece. • Carvings cut on the XY flatbed process area can range from 124” length x 49” width x 15” thickness in a single piece. Larger parts can be created by assembling several layers of material, or by using interlocking puzzle joints to precisely position and join the parts into larger pieces. Where an electronic 3D model doesn’t already exist, we can 3D scan a customer’s sample to develop the electronic model required for computerised carving.






We also have an eminently broad variety of existing electronic 3D models at hand for customers to choose from. Carved models can also be coated with polyurethane to prevent corrosion, resist abrasion and impact damage and provide a reliable rigid waterproof lining. This coating is durable and can last up to 10 years.

Architectural Foam

Sculpture Enlargement


Scenic Design

Set Design & Special Events



3D Signs & Billboards

Foam Packaging

Complexity and Size – Smaller intricate parts with many curves or corners may take longer to cut than larger basic parts with fewer details.

Costing – Complexity and size from a one-of-a-kind part to a repeating production run of hundreds, the quantity and volume of your order affects the cost.

Technopol has the ability to accurately convert 2D photos into 3D relief carvings. We start with a digital photo you provide us and we then process it using our Vectric Aspire software program converting it into a 3D tool path to be carved on our CNC router in polystyrene.