LiteSpan® is a 990mm wide
composite roof panel comprising top and bottom coated galvanized coated steel sheets, with a sandwiched insulation and rigid polystyrene core. The insulation core consists of Fire Retarded Expanded Polystyrene. The bottom side of the roof panel utilizes a tongue-and-groove system to ensure an airtight solution.

Thermal performance:
The 990SS roof panel has a 990mm (2 x 495mm) standing seam profile with intermediate pleats on the top side and a flat or micro pleated ceiling at the bottom side.

990SS roof panel characteristics:

  • Panel width or coverage: 990mm
  • Steel sheet thickness: 0.3-0.5mm
  • Panel length: Function of polystyrene core depth
  • FRCel® Fire Retarded Expanded Polystyrene with a B1 fire rating:SANS 10177-11
  • R-value: (see R-value table)
  • Loading: (see span lengths table)
  • Fixing: Hidden with clips to roof structure; Seaming required onsite

Thermal performance of the product is measured by its R-value. The R-value is a function of the depth of the panel. A deeper section with the same thermal conductance will yield a higher R-value.

Structural performance of the product is a function of the depth of the roof panel. A deeper section has decreased deflection and therefore an increase in unsupported length.

LiteSpan® composite roof panels are available in 6 different colours. Note that the topside and bottom side can be different colours.