Insulation Legislation

The urgency for substantial new power generating capacity as well as the reduction of current energy consumption levels in South Africa has become exceedingly evident over time. The NERSA agreement, granting Eskom a 25% tariff increase per year over three years also places building owners in a very clear position – energy saving must be implemented now. The incorporation of passive energy efficiency measures in new buildings, homes and retrofits, is the most obvious starting point.

The newly legislated SANS 10400-XA: 2011 (November 2011) – which forms part of the National Building Regulations – is set to change the way we build in South Africa by governing energy usage  in  buildings.

This is one of the initiatives being driven by the national Department of Trade and Industry, with the aim to reduce the country’s current energy consumption levels. In doing so, greater efficiencies on a long-term basis may be achieved as more time will be made available for new-build power stations to reach their full operational capacity, thereby changing energy usage patterns.